Company Profile

Vonterra Capital is a Detroit based investment company that offers
shareholders and third-party investors exposure to high-potential
opportunities in diversified asset classes.

Vonterra Capital

The company manages assets across several sectors, including enterprise technology, renewable energy, healthcare, tourism, Infrastructure and real estate development.

Our investment teams are singularly focused on deploying capital efficiently, where they see and can add value, in order to deliver sustainable and attractive returns to shareholders and investment partners.

Vonterra Capital is continuously looking to position assets where value can be added. The company’s principal investments division is focused on making profitable investments, helping to guide and support specialist management teams at portfolio companies.

Our company is challenging the norms and introduce, pioneering business models, unique investment strategies and innovative concepts across its diversified portfolio spanning different sectors and markets across the globe.


Our mission is to contribute to the development of the local economy, foster entrepreneurship, seek and cultivate long term business partnerships, pursue business ideas that transform markets, and empower them to realise their full potential. 


We promise professionalism, clarity and to act in the interests of our shareholders and investment partners. We foster a corporate culture that attracts, empowers and rewards high-calibre employees and incentivises them to provide high-quality and competitive services.



“We work in an open, honest, ethical, courteous and caring way”
“We are direct and to the point, conveying information in a manner that is easily understood by all”
“Passion is the burning force that keeps us going no matter what happens. We have self-confidence and a firm belief in abilities” 
“We respect all people and the free exchange of ideas”

“We are committed to achieving the highest standards in everything we do”

“When global teams consist of people from different cultures working in different locations, social distance—or a lack of emotional connection—can cause miscommunication, misunderstanding, and distrust.”

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