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Our Start-ups

Studying industry trends and economic conditions, our in-house strategy team are highly experienced in recognising and capitalising on potential business opportunities that are presented to us. Evaluating every opportunity on its merit to grow, the team are experts in both identifying and developing successful business ideas into live, profitable entities.

Seed stage

We have an interest in the people behind the business and are open to any viable ideas no matter how small. This way, we offer seed stage investment to businesses that are still in the conceptual stage of business development. We have a dedicated team of professionals whose efforts are focused on offering full support and advice to help your business along the way.

Startup stage

Many businesses find it difficult to find their feet when starting out. We offer investment to those business ventures that are established but are at their earliest stage of development. Understanding how important your business is to you, we make sure that you are fully supported to achieve your business goals and targets.

Expansion stage

To those businesses that are already fully functional, and have typically been trading for three years or more, we offer expansion investment. This can provide you with that extra push you need as a business to get where you want to be in your chosen market.

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